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The goal of this journal is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to focus on Educational advancements, and establishing new collaborations in these areas. Original research papers, state-of-the-art reviews are invited for publication in all areas of Education.

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March 2023, Volume 11, Number 1

Are Online Sources Credible? Perspectives from Pre-Service Teachers
Patrice Morgan, Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, NY, USA

No Child is Left Behind? —— Education Problems of Left-behind Children in China
Yaoyu Zhang, Xiamen University, China

Effects of Supervisory Written Corrective Feedback: A Review to Highlight Past and Future Research Directions
Bakhtawer Mughal, Jiancheng Qian, Zhengzhou University, China

The Right Way to Avoid Contamination by COVID-19 Virus Based on Barnes-Hut Algorithm
Radhouane Boughammoura, University of Monastir, Tunisia

Science Communication: A Panacea for Addressing Gender-Gap in Nigeria’s STEM Education
Titilayo Remilekun Osuagwu, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Enhancing Post-Pandemic EFL Education by Leveraging Immersive, NLP-Driven, AI-based Tools That Promote Collaboration and Interactivity within an Educational Approach
Coffi Martinien Zounhin Toboula, University of Abomey Calavi (UAC), Benin

December 2022, Volume 10, Number 4

Climate-Smart for Indigenous Educations
Rolf Pfotenhauer,College of Education, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia

The Opportunities and Challenges of Learning Online During the Pandemic: Thai High School Students’ Perspective

Pitchsinee Oimpitiwong,Triam Udom Suksa School, Bangkok, Thailand

Spiral Progression Approach in the K to 12 Science Curriculum: A Literature Review

Shiela L. Tirol, College of Teacher Education, Cebu Roosevelt Memorial Colleges,Bogo City, Cebu, Philippines

Literacy Practices among Tertiary Students in the Western Cape, South Africa

Magdaline Mbong Mai,Languages, Cultural Studies and Applied Linguistics (LANCSAL), University of Johannesburg, P.O. Box 524 Auckland Park, 2006 Johannesburg, South Africa

September 2022, Volume 10, Number 3

Strategies Used to Gain an Effective Parental Involvement: School Administration and Teachers’ Perceptions
Moshe Sharabi and Gilad Cohen-Ynon, Yezreel Valley Academic College, Israel

Exploring the Translingual Approach to English as a Foreign Language Writing in China

Sitong Wang, McGill University, Canada

A Systematic Review of Games for Learning Chinese

Angelina MAKSIMOVA, Peking University, China

Construction and Application of Project Driven “One Body, Two Wings and Three Stages” Teaching Mode based on OBE Concept

Hongmei Xing and Zhiwei Xu, Inner Mongolia University of Technology, China

Universal Education and Research Challenges

Essardi Omar and Ben Hemza Asmaa, Cadi Ayyad University, Morocco

June 2022, Volume 10, Number 2

Making Virtual Project-based Learning Work During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Kevin Koh, YuantoKusnadi, Gary Pan, Venky Shankararaman, Singapore Management University, Singapore

Writing Strategies of L2 Learners in an Online Learning Modality During the Pandemic Period : A Systematic Review of Literature

Kelvin C. Villanueva1 and Kara S. Panolong2, 1Saint Louis College, Philippines, 2Benguet State University, Philippines

March 2022, Volume 10, Number 1

An Evolving Perspective of an Educational Curriculum: A Philosophical, Sociological and Psychological Focus of the Education System
Lucky Musonda, Management Studies Division, National Institute of Public Administration, Lusaka

Higher Education Teachers’ Perception, Strategies and Challenges in Teaching Critical Thinking Skills: A Case Study of Higher School of Technology Fezmorocco

Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Fez- Morocco

Andrea Verdino, Università degli Studi di Milano, ItalyExploring the Potentials of Intralingual Subtitling in Second Language Learning: An Experimental Study with EFL University Students

Andrea Verdino, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy

Undergraduate Students’ Perceptions and Attitudes about Foreign Language-Related Digital Storytelling
Ioanna Tyrou, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

Alternative Learning System (ALS) Program Graduates and Level of Readiness Towards Tertiary Education

Marcelo C. Calabit, University of Southern Mindanao, Philippines

Introducing Geography and Reading Map Skills to Kindergarten Children by using Large-Scale Giant Maps
Christina Zisi, Aikaterini Klonari, Nikolaos Soulakellis and Georgios Tataris, University of the Aegean, Greece

December 2021, Volume 9, Number 4

Introducing Geography and Reading Map Skills to Kindergarten Children by using Large-Scale Giant Maps
Christina Zisi, Aikaterini Klonari, Nikolaos Soulakellis and Georgios Tataris, University of the Aegean, Greece

Problem Based Learning: Barrow and Bloom Taxonomy
Yolanda Marina Vargas-Rodríguez, Adolfo Eduardo Obaya Valdivia and Guadalupe Ivteh Vargas Rodríguez,
Depto Ciencias Químicas, México

Study on Reform of Electronic Technology Experimental Teaching under Background of “New Engineering
Hongtu Xie, Kang Liang, Xinqiao Jiang, Kaipeng Chen, Guoqian Wang and Kai Xie, Sun Yat-sen University, China

Integration of 360-Degree Photography and Virtual Reality into Museum Storage Facility Design and Education
Marzia Loddo, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Supporting Statistical Literacy with ICT-based Teaching Scenario
Ourania Rizou1, Aikaterini Klonari2 and Dimitrios Kavroudakis2, 1University of the Aegean, Greece,
2University of the Aegean, Greece

Multiculturalism and History Education: Teachers’ Perceptions
Nikolaidou Charis and Repoussi Maria, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Licensure System of Education Professionals: A Case Study in the UAE
Rawdha Almarar, Amani Alkhodari Doaa Alterri, and Joanna Kalaani, Ministry of Education, UAE

Effects of Humanistic-existential Therapy on Self-Control among Rehabilitated Female Sex Workers in OSUN State
Adeola Shobola, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria

September 2021, Volume 9, Number 3

Challenges Faced by Student Affairs Practitioners in Embedding Indigenous Knowledge into Student Leadership Development Pedagogy. A Case for Zimbabwe
Crispen Mazodze1, Jacob Mapara2 and Maria Tsvere31Bindura University of Science Education, 2Director of Institute of Lifelong Learning,.Chinhoyi University of Technology, 3Chinhoyi University of Technology, Director Academy of Teaching and Learning

A Path Analytical Model on Factors with the Implementation of Civic Education Curriculum among Teachers in Cross River State, Nigeria

JAnagbogu, German Effa, Ofoegbu, Jude Uzodinma, Ovat, Sylvia Victor and Owor Effiom Owor, University Of Calabar, Nigeria

Effects of Principals’ Provision of Teaching and Learning Materials on Students’ Perfomance in Mathematics in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education in Meru County

Honjen Kirikua Thiharu Maingi, Paul Maithya and Alexander Ronoh, Maasai Mara University, Kenya

International Higher Education Students and Educators Psychological Experiences of From Personal Experiences of Transformative Learning on Educational Challenges and Reforms in Secondary School in China

Wei Zhang and Tetyana Koshmanova, Western Michigan University, USA

June 2021, Volume 9, Number 2

Enhancing Cultural Intelligence and Digital Literacy in Accounting Education: Insights from a University’s Global Student Consulting Programme

Clarence Goh, Yuanto Kusnadi, Gary Pan and Poh Sun Seow, Singapore Management University, Singapore

A Tale of Two Degrees: Always Ask Why

John Tamine, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Emotion Detection and Opinion Mining from Student Comments for Teaching Innovation Assessment

Angelina Tzacheva and Akshaya Easwaran, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA

International Higher Education Students and Educators Psychological Experiences of Covid-19 in an Emerging Country

Kayi Ntinda1 and Nomazulu Ngozwana2, 1Department of Education Foundations and Management, Eswatini, 2Department of Adult Education, Eswatini

Information Communication & Technology (ICT): A Comparative Literature Review of Education in the United States and Liberia

Damita Kaloostian and Nalini Chhetri, Arizona State University, USA

Design Guidelines for Applications that Target Arab Dyslexic Students

Raghad Alsudays, King Saud University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

March 2021, Volume 9, Number 1

Relationship Between Principals’ Disciplinary Approach and Students’ Disruptive Behaviours in Secondary Schools in North Central Zone of Nigeria

Idoko Boniface Idoko, Emmanuel Secondary School Ugbokol, Nigeria

The Effectiveness of an ICT based Teaching Scenario of Tsunami on Students’ Learning: A Case Study

Anthoula-Styliani Passadelli and Aikaterini Klonari, University of the Aegean, Greece

‘Social Media are not Necessary for our Work’. Social Media usage Practices by Primary School Teachers. A Greek Case Study

Vana Chiou and Maria Sideri, University of the Aegean, Greece

Inquiring Elements Affecting Students’ Low Skills in Spoken English at Higher Secondary School Level
in the Punjab Pakistan

Muhammad Shakil, Shabana Kousar, Yasmeen Basheer and Fatima Batool, Punjab School Education Department, Pakistan

Justice Oriented Transformative Collaboration in Schools as a Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Noah Borrero and Christine J. Yeh, University of San Francisco, USA

December 2020, Volume 8, Number 4

Action Learning for Crime Prevention: Implications for Community Safety

Nomazulu Ngozwana, Lindiwe Ngcobo and David Jele, University of Eswatini, Eswatini

Discussion on Large-scale Online Education Practices Amid the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Xiaojie Geng, China University of Geosciences, China

The Covid-19 Pandemic Impact on Children’s Education in Disadvantaged and Rural Area across Indonesia

Mega Indrawati, Cahyo Prihadi and Ayu Siantoro, Wahana Visi Indonesia, Indonesia

Aesthetic Intelligence and Aesthetic Experience in Children

Lilly K V and Sudhakar Venukapalli, The English and Foreign Languages University, India

Are we Effectively Teaching Today’s College Student?

Candice Dowd Barnes, Patty Kohler-Evans and Rachel A. Wingfield, University of Central Arkansas, USA

Digital Competences for Teachers – The Digi.Kompp Model in an International Comparison and in the Practice of Austrian Teacher Training

Gerhard Brandhofer1 and Marlene Miglbauer2, 1University College of Teacher Education Lower Austria, Austria, 2University College of Virtual Teacher Education, Austria

A Literature Review on Geography Teachers’ Knowledge of and Attitudes Towards Dyslexia

Passadelli Anthoula Styliani and Klonari Aikaterini, University of the Aegean, Greece

A Historical Development of Contrastive Analysis: A Relevant Review in Second and Foreign Language Teaching

Nathalie DJIGUIMKOUDRE, Université Joseph KI-ZERBO, Burkina Faso

Use of ICT to Enhance the Learning Process in Higher Education

Chetlal Prasad1 and Pushpa Gupta2, 1MaaVindhyavashini Post Graduate College of Education, India, 2Hazaribag VinobaBhave University, India

September 2020, Volume 8, Number 3

Educational Digital Games as Learning Tools: Microsoft Kodu’s Case

Christos Lalos1 and Ilektra Skarpa21University of Alicante, Spain, 2University of Murcia, Spain

Discussion on the Talent Training of Universities with Industry Characteristics from the Perspective of Courses

Xiaojie Geng1, Li Shen2, Yanxi Deng1 and Li Lin11China university of Geosciences, China, 2Wuhan University, China

Factors Affecting Students’ Low Competence In Reading English at Primary Level in Pakistan

Muhammad Shakil, Punjab School Education Department, Pakistan

An Exploration of Factors Affecting the Process of English Language Course Design from The Perspectives of Teachers in A College Context

Iman Alkhalidi, Al Buraimi University College, Oman

June 2020, Volume 8, Number 2

Assessing the Impact of Accommodations on Mood and Future Travel Actions During A Short-term Study Abroad Experience

James Tanoos, Purdue Polytechnic Vincennes, USA

 Academic Expectation Stress, Psychological Capital, Humour Style and Student   Wellbeing

Nicole Johnston and Tony Cassidy, Ulster University, Northern Ireland

 Effectiveness of Demonstration Method to Teach the Abstract Concepts to the   Children Between the Age of Six to Ten. an Experimental Research

Muhammad Arshad Hussain, Punjab School Education Department, Pakistan

March 2020, Volume 8, Number 1

Developing A Convergence Methodology Between Engineering Technology and Fashion Design Education
Hyunseung Lee, Kookmin University, South Korea

Exploratory Assessment of Strategy for Learning Redox Reactions in High School
Angelita Morales1, Adolfo Obaya2, Carlos Montaño2 and Yolanda Marina Vargas2, 1CBT No. 2 Bicentennial Huehuetoca SEP Edo. Mexico and 2FES-Cuautitlán UNAM MADEMS Química, Mexico

Implementing A Landscape Educational Project Among Greek Pupils: Valuable Lessons and Hard Realizations
Ioanna Siama, Theano S. Terkenli and Aikaterini Klonari, University of the Aegean, Greece

The Suitability of Selected Social Media for Language Education
Adeleke Ayobami Gideon and Akpomuje (nee Folarin) Folake A, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria

Integration into Canadian Society: How Armenian Syrian Millennial Refugees use Social Media
Alyssa Racco, York University, Canada

September  2019, Volume 7, Number 2/3


Idoko Boniface Idoko, Igbo Happiness, Yakubu, Meremu.Principal, Emmanuel Secondary School Ugbokolo, Benue State Nigeria.Department of Educational Foundations, Faculty of Education, Benue State University Makurdi.School Counsellor, UBE Girls’ Juniour Secondary School, Makurdi, Benue State Nigeria

March 2019, Volume 7, Number 1

Causes of Low Achievement of University’ Students from Their Points of View
Kahtan Ahmed Al-Dahir, Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Jordan
Effects of School Type (Day School and Boarding School) on Secondary School Students’ Academic Achievement in Social Studies
ODE, Dickson, Wesley High School, Nigeria
Interpreting Physics Teachers’ Feedback Comments on Students’ Solutions to Motion Tasks 
1Zahra Parvanehnezhad and 2Samson Madera Nashon, 1Deakin University, Australia and 2University of British Columbia, Canada
Sipoc Model in Moroccan Engineering Education Context: Lean Approach 
Amine Hadek, Hind Chaibate, Soumia Bakkali and Souad Ajana, Hassan Ii University Of Casablanca, Morocco

December 2018, Volume 6, Number 4

Optimization of the Recursive One-Sided Hypothesis Testing Technique for Autonomous Threshold Estimation in Cognitive Radio

Ho Thi Hong Van1, Le Ngoc Hoan2 and Dinh Quang Bao2,1The Vietnam National Institute of Educational Sciences, Vietnam and2Hanoi National University of Education, Vietnam

Evoking Motivation for Achievement In Ó’ Level Mathematics in Zimbabwe

Chipo Makamure, Belvedere Technical Teachers College, Zimbabwe

Effective Coverage of Learning Domains in Students Assessment by Lecturers of Cross River University of Technology Calabar Nigeria

Ntu n. Nkomo, Henry ojating, Cross River University of Technology Calabar, Nigeria

The Influence of Problem-Based Learning Communities on Research Literacy and Achievement Goal Motivation

Mary Gutman, Efrata College, Israel

Effects of Corrective Feedback on Learners of English as a Second Language (ESL) 

Gelan Hesham Abdou Ahmed Mahmoud, Zewail University of Science and Technology, Egypt

September 2018, Volume 6, Number 3

Effect of Extrinsic Motivation on Secondary School Student’s Academic Achievement in Social Studies 
ODE, Dickson, Wesley High School, Nigeria

June 2018, Volume 6, Number 1/2

Product Design as a Creative Methodology among Scientific Technological and Artistic Education
Joseba K. Azcaray Fernandez1, Manuel Martinez Toran1, Marcelo Leslabay Martinez2 and Chele Esteve Sendra1, 1Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain and 2Universidad Deusto, Spain
School Climate and Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Salome Ruguru Njagi, University of Eastern Africa, Kenya
Women Empowerment Impregnates the Development 21st Century Scenario  
Indira Nath, Yeaqub Ali B.Ed College, India
Effects of Computer-Assisted Instruction on Secondary School Students’ Academic Achivement in the Learning of Government as a Subject  
ODE Dickson, Wesley High School, Nigeria

December 2017, Volume 5,Number 3/4

Determinants of Administrative Effectiveness in Higher Education : A Study of Occupational Efficacy, Administrative Behavior and Job Satisfaction of Educational Administrators Working in Indian Universities 
Firdous Ahmad Sofal, Central University of Kashmir, India
Smart Ubiquitous Learning Environments 
Matthew Montebello, University of Illinois, USA


June 2017, Volume 5, Number 2

An Effective Professional Development Series Improves the Quality of Teacher Child Interactions
Anika Bugarin-Jebejian, Concordia University, United States
Evaluate the Affected Factors on Student’s Mathematics Performance in Rural Areas by Estimating an Education Production Function : As a Case Study of Passara Educational Zone, Sri Lanka
E.V.D.Dilhani, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka

March 2017, Volume 5, Number 1

The Application of the Competency Based Approach to Assess the Training and Employment Adequacy Problem
AIT HADDOUCHANE Zineb1 and BAKKALI Soumia1,AJANA Souad1 and GASSEMI Karim2, 1Higher National School of Electricity and Mechanics, Morocco and 2High School of Business and Management, Morocco

December 2016, Volume 4, Number 4

Teachers’ and Students’ Perception and the Challenges of Introducing Mentoring for the Undergrad Students of Bangladesh
Iffat Naomee1 and Asif Bayezid2, 1Agami Education Foundation, Bangladesh and 2Prime University, Bangladesh
Embodying the Educational Institution   
Matthew Montebello, University of Malta, Malta
Cultural Snapshot : Fostering Crosscultural Understanding Through Cultural Project   
Kunto Nurcahyoko, PamaneTalino Teaching College, Indonesia


September 2016, Volume 4, Number 2/3

Cultivating Students Innovative Practice Ability in Hardware Experiment
Shanshan Li, Ninghan Zheng, Chengbin Quan and Yongqiang Chen, Tsinghua University, China

March 2016, Volume 4, Number 1

The Main Problems of the Students at Primary Level in rural Area Oftehsil: Ferozwala, District: Sheikhupura- Pakistan
Muhammad Faisal Hashami, District Sheikhupura Government of the Punjab, Pakistan


September 2015, Volume 3, Number 3

Special Issue : Second International Conference on Education (EDU 2015)
Organising Subject Material in Accordance with Ubiquitous Student Status
Anandi Giridharan and Pallapa Venkataram, Indian Institute of Science, India
Predictors Of Teacher Collaboration And On The Job Effectiveness
Ozoh, Michael. C. And A. A. Ladan, Department Of Educational Psychology, Federal University Of Education Zaria, Nigeria
Assessing The Psychological Disposition Of College Students On Functional Education And National Development In Nigeria
A. A. Ladan, Department Of Educational Psychology, Federal University Of Education Zaria, Nigeria
Regular Issue
A Religious Education in Uzbekistan under Soviet Imperialism. A Secular Based Approach
Riyaz Ahmad Sheikh, University of Kashmir, India
Pahlavi’s the Pioneers of Education in Iran: A Study of Reza Shah
G.N.Khaki and Mohd Altaf Bhat, University of Kashmir, India
Impact of Business Intelligence on Employee Knowledgesharing in Jordanian Telecommunication Company
Abdel Rahim M.Zabadi1 and Mohammad Saleem Alshura2, 1University of Business & Technology College of Engineering & Information Technology, Saudi Arabia and 2The world Islamic sciences & Education University, Jordan

June 2015, Volume 3, Number 2

Enrolment of Tribal Girls in Secondary Schools of Odisha 
Lokanath Mishra, Principal Vivek college of Education, India
A University-Industry Collaboration Case Study: Intel Real-Time Multi-View Face Detection Capstone Design Projects  
Vincent Chang1, Bohua Gan1, Guanying Wang1, Xiuli Pan1, Guan Wang1, Naihai Zou2 and Fleming Feng2, 1Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute, China and 2Intel Asia-Pacific Research and Development Ltd, China


March 2015, Volume 3, Number 1

Trend in Influences on Career Choice in Quantity Surveying and Its Implications 
Samuel Ekung1 and Ejike Okonkwo2, 1University of Salford, United Kingdom and 2University of Uyo, Nigeria